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Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University

Research & Facilities

The Entomology Department is evolving toward a modern research unit of integrative biology. Our research interests, with thirteen current faculty members, cover genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, taxonomy, behavior, molecular pathology, pest management, scientific education and recently-recruited molecular & developmental biology. Through the expansion of modern equipment and well-planned training, we have successfully used molecular techniques to reshape these sub-disciplines and have become the leading department of insect science in Taiwan. Most of all, the “cross talk” between sub-disciplines is quite lively - we have a well-organized departmental seminar series, in which students have to present topics assigned by three faculty members from different backgrounds in each term. Also, we invite non-entomologist speakers on a weekly basis to extend students’ scope of education, with the hope that they can learn to tackle a problem from different angles.

We very much welcome senior high school students who are interested in biology to join our Department. Our course design is intended to inspire students to study the beauty of biology, through the most plentiful insect species. We keep a high flexibility in the course design to encourage students to learn other aspects of life science and other organisms. Graduates from the Department thus become very competitive either in basic research or industry. In terms of the postgraduate studies, we are creating an excellent environment to encourage highly-motivated students with entomological backgrounds to continue their study in our Graduate Institute. Meanwhile, we are increasing opportunities for individuals whose first degree is not insect-related to join us. Given the amazing diversity of insects, students can explore a traditional or a novel biological phenomenon with convenient target animals. In addition, we love to see students from various backgrounds to strengthen the study of insect science itself.

Beyond the academics described above, we have a “departmental pride,” a very competitive but friendly atmosphere with the other departments on campus. It provides a healthy and optimistic environment for all the faculty, students, and guests.

(16th Feb. 2005)