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Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University

Adjunct and Joint Faculty

Adjunct Professor Wen-Jer Wu

Research interests: Biology of Cat Flea, Ecology and Control of Plant Pests

Phone: +886-2-3366-5579


1978-1986 Ph.D. National Taiwan University
1974-1976 M.S. National Taiwan University
1968-1972 B.S. National Chung-Hsing University


1993-present Professor, NTU
2000-2002 President, Taiwan Entomological Society
1998-2001 Chairman, Depart. of Entomology, NTU
1997-1998 Chairman, Depart. of Plant Pathology and Entomology, NTU
1997 Feb-July Visiting scholar, Oregon State University
1987-1993 Associate Professor, NTU
1980-1987 Lecturer, NTU
1977-1980 Teaching Assistant, NTU
1976-1977 Research Assistant, Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute


Biology of Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis (Bouch))

  • Investigating biology and ecology of cat flea, an important urban pest insect, can improve studies of controlling cat flea. Our researches are including flea larval cannibalism, reproduction of fleas and Gregarines in cat flea.

Ecology and Control of Plant Pests

  • For plant protection, different kinds of traps are used to detect and monitor plant quarantine pests in Taiwan. Moreover, for preventing Solenopsis invicta causes more damage, we study on its biology and ecology, including natural enemies and venom alkaloids of fire ants.


Medical entomology
Urban entomology
Forest entomology