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Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University

Core Faculty

Associate Professor Toshinori Okuyama
  • 發布單位:Department of Entomology

Research interests:

Animal behavior, Population ecology



Lab: Insect Population Laboratory

Tel: +886 2 3366 5282



2002-2006 Ph D. University of Florida Department of Zoology

1999-2001 MS Clemson University Department of Mathematical Sciences

1996-1999 MS University of Nebraska - Lincoln School of Biological Sciences

1993-1996 Miami University, Department of Zoology



2012-present Associate Professor, NTU

2008-2012 Assistant Professor, NTU

2006-2008 Postdoctoral Fellow , Rice University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology




Species interactions and community dynamics


I am broadly interested in animal behavior and community ecology. Simultaneously considering behavioral and community level processes provides us more comprehensive understanding of the ecological processes than studying each level separately because community dynamics are inevitably affected by individual behavior, and individual fitness is also affected by the community dynamics. Currently ongoing projects work with spiders, mites, and bean beetles (not all of them in one experiment).


Ecological consequences of pesticide resistance


Pesticide resistance provides an interesting opportunity to test ecological and evolutionary theory in the field. Furthermore, such information is useful for the management of pesticide resistance. Currently we work with the oriental fruit fly to test whether the evolved resistance can affect individual fitness through their ecological interactions, and whether the resistant and susceptible populations differentially affect the dynamics of community they belong to.




Research Methods in Ecology

Ecological Modelling